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Welcome to Jain Center for Creative Arts & Design(CCAD), based in Bangalore. Here at Jain CCAD we are passionate about nurturing and developing future generations of creative talent, who will fill the current and emerging skills gaps in creative industries both in India and around the world.

All our programmes are highly practical and all our teachers have extensive work experience in the creative industry to maximise your future employability. We also benefit from partnerships with leading professional and academic experts in the field of design.

While developing your independent thinking and creativity and your abilities to come up with design solutions for tomorrow’s world, we will also develop those soft skills. Thus, you will get off to a flying start in the creative industries.

About Us

Creative expression using the arts have always been at the cornerstone of the art and culture of India. In the recent years, industries and jobs that leverages the fundamentals of the creative expressions

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The Center of Creative Arts and Design offers a portfolio of innovative industry oriented Undergraduate (Bachelors) and Postgraduate (Masters) programmes in Animation

Student Experience

A college not only educates you for the pursuit of a career, but it also provides general knowledge and introduces real-life situations that help you learn about life and yourself.

CCAD Advantage

JAIN programmes which are developed and delivered by industry experienced faculty prepare our students for the world of work. With increasing demand in the creative industry