BA Fashion Design

BA Fashion Design

Fashion Designing colleges in kerala

Fashion Design is one of the most fascinating, inspiring and glamorous career options in the modern world. Even though it has intense challenges and competition, the Fashion Industry is financially rewarding and offers high pay packages for talented artistic individuals. The fashion sector is constantly evolving and customers still want to express their individuality through what they wear.

You will learn about fashion basics and the creation of demand for fast moving fashion items. Having learned the intricacies of fit, shape, texture, colour and pattern, you have opportunities, you will have opportunities to create designs of your own. As the world of fashion is very much about creating needs from wants, you will also learn about market segmentation, about branding, advertising and marketing in the fashion business and the importance of celebrity endorsement in the creation of designer fashion. Throughout the programme you will be applying your knowledge to develop your skills as a fashion designer.

Career Opportunities include:

  • Fashion designers
  • Costume Designers
  • Merchandisers
  • Trend Forecasters
  • Product Developers
  • Stylists, Accessory Designers
  • Fashion Buyers
  • Visual Merchandisers