BA (Hons) Film & Media

BA (Hons) Film & Media

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This exciting programme will allow you to discover the various genres of movies, ranging from comedy to drama and psychological thrillers and horror movies. You will learn about the important ingredients for blockbuster movies in each genre, including star qualities. This will involve you gaining a detailed understanding of the components of a movie – the plot, the script, the special effects and the score. As employability is at the core of our programme you will also have an opportunity to discover which of the many roles in film making your passion is. There are roles in script-writing, cinematography, direction, editing, sound and production design, amongst many others. With a number of Cinematography Courses in Kerala, one may ask the question of relevance but at CCAD you will try, test and perfect your skills by making industry quality films, in accordance with the stages of the film production pipeline to become profound filmmakers in the industry.

Our BA (Hons) Film & Media programme has with sub-fields which explore film art and design, Film Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design and Production Design. Students will develop cross-media digital content underpinned by the study of historical and visual arts, and contemporary film production and media practice.

CCAD faculty are research active and publish nationally and an internationally and offer exciting opportunities for digital filmmaking students to participate in national and international collaborations, exchanges, conferences and events.

Career Opportunities include:

  • Interactive media
  • Film and Video production
  • Television
  • Video games design
  • Digital/mobile media
  • Web series production
  • Education Films
  • Community Films