Center for Creative Arts and Design (CCAD)



Practical and experiential learning is the key pedagogy followed at CCAD. The emphasis is on learning by doing.


A continuous assessment process, where a student is assessed during the course project work and maintenance of visual journals to ensure that learning is ongoing.


Through a combination of faculty guided and self-initiated study students at CCAD average about 4 to 10 hours of focused learning time each day.


The students get access to specialised equipment and industry standard tools / workshops to learn and to be industry ready.


Entrepreneurship is a key focus at CCAD. Students are encouraged to develop creative knowledge and business acumen side by side to enable them to develop as solopreneurs.


During their time at CCAD Students get to work on various projects across various sectors and industries which gives them real-time learning opportunities.


Earning while you learn is integral to the way programmes are structured at CCAD and students do get opportunities for the same from the second year onwards.


CCAD provides placement assistance to eligible students based on their interests and demonstrated learning outcomes.


CCAD campus is designed to encourage and nurture creativity while building the necessary skills and capabilities by offering classrooms, technical labs, workshop spaces which are very different from conventional schools.


A starter kit consisting of basic materials and professional tools required for their programme is provided to all students.


All programmes adopt a Research-based learning approach. This approach requires the students to carry out research in their courses independently and with an open outcome. This helps them to internalize and practice research conducts and methods, skills such as formulating a precise question and processing and monitoring a research process. Students attain abilities in dealing with uncertainty, independence, teamwork and organisational skills.


Through our wide network with industry both domestic and international we ensure a steady flow of International guest lecturers, master classes by top Industry professionals and Industry visits to ensure learning from experts and developing appreciations for practise.